Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Totally Filmy Love Marriage Thats Real

A Totally Filmy Love Marriage Thats Real

My real love story, actually my love marriage story....well it was quite filmy. I always loved the very idea of a love marriage since childhood. It should be like the grand style marriages, the ones shown in Rajashri productions or Karan Johar movies. However, knowing my parents I knew it would always remain a dream until I met him just after my school and my V Day special story began..
25 April, 2006:
There I was eagerly waiting at the Kolkata Airport to welcome a person just known to me as Ashish Saluja, my sister"s best friend. After waiting for nearly an hour I found a face amidst the crowd looking at which my sister"s face lit up.

28 April, 2006:
My sister forgot to count me and one of my cousins for applying mehendi. Result???? He made all sorts of ovals and circles on my hand in the name of mehendi application creating a roar in the house for all my friends and cousins.

29 April, 2006: 
During the whole marriage ceremony (oh yes! It was my sister"s wedding), when I was busy hitting on other guys and enjoying the extra attention from all aunt"s and neighbours (you know “next is your turn to get married" types), I noticed him giving me some small hints and helping me even when I was not seeking it. Right from getting me glasses of water, mending my stilettos, taking me to the beauty parlour (Alas! Everyone got ready for the marriage on time except me) to keeping my jewellery safe with him, he did it all.

30 April, 2006:
After my sister"s vidayi, when we sat down to catch up some breath, the first thing he told me was “we will make things work and convince our parents for this love marriage" and left for Chennai that very day. He formally proposed to me after 1 month to be precise. In the meantime he completely swept me away with his caring, dependable and responsible character traits that I have always valued in a man.

14 February, 2007:
My life"s first V Day was celebrated. All these years I was the Pooja of Dil Toh Pagal Hain. I used to buy gifts for myself on V Day and waited for my love to arrive in my life. And when he was there, he made it really special. We went out for a candle light dinner in a restaurant, where he had already booked a table decorated with red rose petals and white lilies. It was special!!!!

11 December, 2007:
He went off to UAE leaving me behind in Kolkata. That"s when we decided to keep our relationship open thinking that the long-distance relationships never workout. But we never found a better match for ourselves (even though I continued to have crushes on handsome guys :P)

2 January, 2009:
In my final year of graduation, he threw a grand surprise birthday party for me sitting 2000 odd miles away from Kolkata just to bring a smile on my face. That is why this real love story has worked so well for us. He was always there even when he wasn't.

25 November, 2011: 
Contrary to the popular belief that long-distance relationships cannot stand the test of time, our beautiful courtship survived 5 long years, while all my friends were having break-ups and fighting over petty issues. The icing on the cake was that I had a grand Bengali as well as Punjabi wedding with this lovely young man just like the Bollywood love marriages.

From that day till today, we have seen the transformation of our relationship status on Facebook from “Single" to “In a relationship" to “Engaged" to finally “Married". We hope that this story goes from “Jab We Met" to “Hum Saath Saath Hain" and our love marriage survives the test of time.....

Mrs. Tanushree Roy Saluja

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