Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Real But 'Never Ending' Love Story!

Real But 'Never Ending' Love Story!

My love story has no ending as there was never a proper beginning..

School Days
Rahul, the only left hander in school was smartest and happening those days. Since I too was a left hander, my friends and class mates teased me with him and I always felt nice. We were husband and wife for our school play. Days passed and I heard that he shifted to Hyderabad. His autograph is still with me, sweet memories.

College Days
Our college was one of the best girls college in the city. That day was our cultural fest and I met Varun from Bishop's. He was too handsome to take my eyes off and I kept gazing at him like a star. He gave me his contact but I was too scared to call. Exams were just weeks away and all my focus had to get diverted towards studies. That was a sad ending to the story.

Engineering Days
Arjun, my senior in college, was a hearthrob. He would perform in all our inter and intra college events. I never missed his shows. My friends tried their best to get us close and we met up at a nearby cafe. He kept asking me a lot of questions but I had sunk in his eyes. 
I thought I'll propose him the next day, bunked classes and kept waiting near the parking lot. He didn't turn up and I was disappointed. 
While returning back home I saw him in his car smooching one of my classmates. That was the shocking climax of my 'one way' love story.

Office Love
It was a good beginning at office as my boss Vikram was too cool and calm. He never demanded work from me and pampered most of the time. My colleagues envied our relationship and by the time I could think that this could be a beginning of our love relationship I was invited for his wedding. 
Hmm..everytime..I think there is something special between me and Mr.X, there is a horrible ending. I am truly unlucky as half the people I like are booked by other women.
I hope my never ending love story, by god's grace, will have a good ending this valentines day???

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