Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Perfectly Compatible In Love: A Real Story

Perfectly Compatible In Love.. A Real Story

How Our Perfectly Compatible Love Life Began...
Friendster – a popular social networking website, in the times of Orkut, is where my real 'love" story began. My online friend, Rizvan Faruqui, and I met through a community for photographers (we both love photography and that is why we are compatible in love). Not about V Day not about friendship, our first conversation began with him answering some of my queries. Rizvan is a professional photographer, based in Singapore then.

Were We Compatible In Love At Once..
We spoke online for a couple of months before he called one morning and said, “I"m in Mumbai, let"s meet." We spent two days clicking all over the city. I enthusiastically showed him around, not knowing that he was already well-versed with Mumbai. He simply smiled and played along to make me happy. We laugh about it even today. That was in 2004.
Was It A V Day Special Yet..
We became best friends over the years – together through thick and thin. We even dated different people all this while, resolving 'heartaches" over scoops of ice-cream. Always possessive about one another with a tinge of innocent envy knowing we belong to someone else. Yet, never confessing the same and wishing the best for the other. The strong friendship evolved to a romantic relationship in 2008 when we realised we were more compatible in love.

When It Finally Became A Real Love Story..
After four years of friendship, we accepted the 'more than just friends" fact over a Harry Potter movie marathon. (Yes, we"ve seen the entire series a trillion times). I love being with Riz cause it"s like looking into a mirror. We"ve always heard opposites attract. In our case, we enjoy doing the same things. We are compatible in love due to our similarities. We are similar, yet different. I discover new things about him along the journey. For us, it"s about doing simple things together – swimming, trekking, cooking, whiling away hours at the beach. We love it all.
Our V Day Special Moment..
One of the most romantic moments for us is a candle-light dinner. No, not the formal one. This was more special than that. An attempt to satisfy the usual mid-night craving became the best date. As usual, we were sharing a hot bowl of Maggi noodles in a living room while watching movies. Before, I knew it, he lit candles and poured two glasses of cranberry juice.
How The Real Love Story Is Panning Out..
Despite the commitment, there is no drastic change between us. That is why we are perfectly compatible in love. We still behave silly and even crack jokes that otherwise no partner would tolerate. We remain best friends with many dreams to fulfill for ourselves and each other. There is no set 'happy ending" for us, it"s about making the best of each day together and hoping for a lifetime of this awesome bonding.

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