Monday, November 12, 2012

A Real Story Of Tragic Unrequited Love

A Real Story Of Tragic Unrequited Love

“Friend a bridge to my Love".. from a heart full of unrequited love on V Day. 
He was the most charming guy in my class, smart, handsome, well behaved disciplined and yes No.1 in class.

My real love story begins when I joined my MBA in Bangalore. Being a girl dedicated in my studies I started my MBA class from the very 1st of college, never bunked a single class. One week over and suddenly 2nd hour of the 8th day in college a guy enters the classroom. I kept staring at him he had a different glow on his face. I wanted to speak to him but 'how' was the question. Being a girl how can I make the 1st move? With every passing day I was falling in love with him. Every time he use to give a presentation on any topic in class I could only see him and hear nothing.
Luckily one day one of our faculty asked everyone to form groups for a product launch presentation. I was desperate to be in his team as he is the best. God heard me and our professor divided us into teams and believe it or not I was in his team! We got one week to prepare the presentation (bets week of my life), here I got an opportunity to speak to him. Through project work we became friends but his interest was in one of my friends; I hated my friend for this. My love remained unrequited from then on. 
We 3 became very good friends hanging around in college doing all masti, my friend knew that I was in love with this guy. I was always jealous when he use to talk or give more importance to her. It was 14th Feb,2007 (my first V Day with my unrequited love) when I planned to propose him. I was well prepared with a red rose in my bag. In the afternoon he comes to me and says that he has proposed to my friend and she had accepted it too (God no one can imagine how my situation was, smile on face but my broken heart would never heal after that). Well at 4 pm college got over but my love and my friend were happily enjoying.

Same day in the evening I decided I will not continue my MBA and was all prepared to leave Bangalore forever. Somehow he got to know that I am leaving Bangalore, he came from his hostel to stop me. He asked me several questions but I had no answer, I just kept saying my parents need me (actually I needed him, my parents were dead long ago; I had only my elder brother as my guardian). He gave me all kind of swears and lecture about how I was spoiling my life and career being stupid. Why couldn't he understand that I loved him and was leaving everything for my unrequited love for him. I left Bangalore with only tears and hatred for my friend.
I came back to Bangalore after 6 months to continue my studies (actually wanted to meet him and make him understand that I love him). I resumed my friendship with his roommate just to reach my love and started meeting them. I showered lots of love and care on him so that he can understand my feelings. I failed because he was madly in love with that girl.
He was not lucky to get that girl in his life because I cursed both of them in anger. There real love story was not successful either. The way I lost my love they will also not get what they want. Anyhow we completed our MBA and I left Bangalore, got job in my native city. It"s been 3 years now since that first V Day and still I miss him and wish that if only he could have understood my unrequited love for him. Now I am 'happily married' but in a way still not quite happy.

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