Sunday, November 25, 2012

Valentines Breakup Is Now Romantic !!!

Valentines Breakup Is Now Romantic - broken heart

Valentines day , the day of love for some ended with lovers holding a bunch of beautiful roses in their hands. But, according to Australian researchers, they have stated that most breakups have taken place on this special day of love, Valentines Day.

It is said that almost 47 percent of youngsters found it easier to breakup on this day of love, Valentines Day much better than any other day in the calendar special to them. From ages of 18 years and above, teenagers and youngsters felt the need to end their romance and breakup on Feb 14th as it is one day in the year to express your heart.
In most cases, 57 percent of these teenagers opposed this day of love, Valentines day and above all did not want to spend the day with their partner therefore resulting to a breakup.
Believe it or not! According to the experts they say that Valentines Day has now become the season of breakup instead of couples cooing together in their love nest showering each other with chocolates and flowers. This is the time of the year, when couples actually evaluate their relationship and then decide either to make it or breakup.

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