Sunday, November 25, 2012

Breakup Tips If You Are Not Happy In Love !!!

Breakup-of-Relationship - Breakup Tips If You Are Not Happy In Love !!!

In a relationship it takes two hands to clap so therefore, when you are in love and you find that things between you and your partner ain't working out, your next step should be to think if you are compatible with each other.

In many relationship, we see that most partners work through their problems fearing of a break up and thus trying to avoid a bad crack in the relationship they do crazy things to be with each other forcibly. This should not be the case in any relationship. If you are not happy in the relationship you share with your partner, take a firm decision and walk out of it.

This also shows that you will not only save his/her time but also your own time to find someone who is meant to be in your life.

Here are some breakup tips for you if you are not happy in the relationship.

break up - broken heart

be honest to yourself and ask your self if you are willing to take the risk of staying with someone who does not make your heart beat. Honesty always pays off.

If you are not happy with your partner you will tend to look beyond, and this means cheating! Many a time, there are women who cheat on their partner because they are not happy in the relationship.

One breakup tip is that if you do not have the ability in confronting your partner verbally of wanting a breakup, all you have to do is to pen them down. It is easier as your paper will draw out all emotions.

It is a request to follow this breakup tip. Do not breakup with your partner in front of a huge crowd or in public. This will ultimately cause a huge disturbance in your life as well as the person you broke up with. Leave from the relationship with a clean heart and with respect for each other.

Since the start of social networking like Facebook, Twitter and Orkut, mobile phones etc have come into the market, the worst breakup tip is to let go of your relationship through this way of technology. Even though it is an easy way out it is extremely not a way to walk out of someone life.

These are five easy breakup tips when you decide to leave your partner and to help you in case you want to get out of the relationship you are not happy in.

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