Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Chastity Garter Tells The Truth About Women !!!!

The Chastity Garter Tells The Truth About Women

Technology has definitely taken the wold by surprise. If you think you have a cheating partner there is no need to send out a spy to watch over him or her. All that you have to do is to present to her the Chastity Garter to find out the truth.
Women in relationship are more prone to cheating, so guys are mainly the ones to bear all this hurt and tension. With the introduction of the Chastity Garter, men need not worry anymore as they are alerted instantly on their phone if there lady love is cheating!

The work put into the Chastity Garter is remarkable as the man gets an instant message on his phone alerting him that his woman is the arms of another man. The way that the Chasity Garter works is that it monitors the rising pulse rate and the moisture levels of the woman's skin. If there is any sexual stimulation, the device alerts the other partner, which is the man.
The Chastity Garter was influenced by Edward and Lucinda Hale, when there relationship was in trouble after Lucinda cheated on Edward with another man. Promising never to fall for another man in her life, they came up with this device to help them through a faithful relationship.
This device to test your partner is available at a price of 60 to 70 pounds and the Chastity Garter comes in two beautiful designs which is Chasity Lace and Chasity Silk.

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