Friday, November 23, 2012

Useful Tips To Propose A Girl....

Useful Tips To Propose A Girl -

Love a girl but scared to propose her? Thinking about how to propose a girl? Then here is your solution. Falling in love is human nature but people who are in love find it hard to express or are scared to lose the present time with their partners. Also they don't know about the feelings from other side so it is best to express your feelings with the girl you like or love.
Here are few ways or tips on how to propose a girl:
  • Girls are very filmy which means they are very romantic and they would love the traditional method to propose a girl where the boy sit on his knees with flowers and expresses his feelings. If you feel shy to do this in public then take her to a place where both are comfortable.
  • If you feel traditional method is very common then take her out with her alone for some quality time. This will help you get the strength to put forward your feelings. Candle-light dinner is loved by girls. Fulfill her fantasies like candle-light dinner, knowing her favorites and applying them.
  • Respect the girl and make her feel that you are mad for her but don't let your dignity fall.
  • Never beg much in front of a girl. Majority of girls don't like too much of begging. The boy also throws an impression that he is desperate and useless. So, keep your attitude and don't show more than 2-3 times that you want her.
  • Always see to it that the girl also feels comfortable with your company. Try to build proximity by texting her sometimes and sharing some chats like “How was your day? " “What did you do? " “What do you plan next? " This will help develop friendship.
  • Never be fake. Lies can't be tolerated by anyone. Be true and tell in a clear way such as “I plan to become an engineer but I feel alone sometimes. I want your company to be happy everyday and every moment."
  • To propose a girl, take her to the location where you two met first. Prepare an artistic drawing like banner expressing 'I Love You' or else spread rose petals on the floor in a heart shape or girl's name followed by the touching three words- 'I Love You'.
  • Skywriting is new and expensive method of proposing. Write on the sky and express yourself. The girl will surely fall in love with you that moment.
  • Go for a ride or drive with her in the late afternoon and softly express these three words while the sun sets. The girl will surely say YES!

Now don't think How to propose a girl. Be brave to tell what you fee. Follow these tips to propose a girl and see the magic of expressing three magical words- I Love You!

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