Friday, November 23, 2012

Confused About Love Presence in Your Relationship?

Confused About Love Presence in Your Relationship?

Decision making sounds very responsible until when you don't have choices of equal caliber. Decision making in a relationship often becomes difficult when you are confused about love in relationship. When it comes to women, the line discriminating the heart and head is very thin and hence finds it difficult to decide “ is he the one" in her own life. Mostly women tend to seek love advice from her close friends especially guys, hoping they would have clearer insight into the character of the other guy. 
Girls in the age between 22 to 30 at the present times face love dilemmas because often male close friends from a long run end up proposing for marriage while in this time span she already chooses somebody else who seems more interesting.

Why are you confused about love in your relationship?

  • So thought interesting guy has started taking you for granted?

  • Simultaneously, your long time male friend has expressed love to you?

  • You don't want to break up with your boy friend and yet can't help the relationship?

  • You don't want to loose your male friend too?

  • Love advice given by friends did not work and all your efforts to appease him didn't result good either?

  • You are in a love dilemma between how to choose between the two?

Reasons for love dilemma:

  • Usually for a women, life partners are more then a friend and even more then her best male friend.

  • The girl loves both the men but in different ways. The male friend often fails to understand the reason.

  • The guy in the relationship doesn't want to let the girl go even after he knows the way he treats her. Also not to forget, the girl also wants the situation to better and continue with him at heart.

  • The male friend continues to be considerate, caring and loving. It instill s the confusion in you whether “is he the one" actually meant for you?

  • You have shown inclination towards your male friend and now you are guilty because you are not sure you can put your boy friend from your life?

Love Advice From One Who Has Overcome Love Dilemma :

  • Give your best to walk out of the relationship at least to show it to your boyfriend.

  • Spend time talking to somebody elder to you and who is positive and friendly.

  • Don't fall for the sudden shower of love, care, emotion from your present boy friend as it might be because he doesn't want you to walk out of the relationship. It doesn't mean his behavioral transition is a realization.

  • You should start keeping yourself busy with work which demands both physical and mental involvement.

  • You must talk straight with the male friend about your present mental state, apologize for getting temporarily inclined towards him. Request to continue friendship if it was possible for him to do so.

  • Give both head and heart a short holiday and don't pity yourself that “I am confused about love". Stop talking about this topic as it will clear your mind faster.

  • If you have pressure on your head to get married, then talk about both the guys to your parents and seek their opinion. Remember they are not confused about love and thus their decision will help.

The human tendency is such that it always desires to get love from the person he or she loves. So in such a situation in which you are confused about love from the other person whom you love a lot and are heart broken, cry out, wet your pillows till you are tired of crying. But remember to simultaneously practice the above advice.

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