Thursday, November 15, 2012

Top 5 Things To Look For In Your Fiancee

Top 5 Things To Look For In Your Fiancee - flowers gift love

Are you in search of a new life partner? Then here are a few tips on what to look for in the fiancee you love. Take a look.
Pretty looks may impress you very much but behaviour, values and attitude are the three internal features that make any women look externally beautiful. There are many synonyms to a woman's behaviour, patience, soft spoken, positive attitude and caring, all summed up to completeness. If you are serious about love then these are the qualities you need find in your girlfriend.
Top 5 Things To Look For In Your Fiancee

1. Loyal 
Your fiancee may have a bitter past but what matters is the present. People learn from mistakes so giving them a chance is definitely not wrong. Your girlfriend might have genuinely liked the man but may not be the same from the receiving end so giving her an opportunity to shape her life in a new way with you will make have great regards for you.

2. Truthful  
Good or bad, appreciate the girl for being truthful. Feel proud that she believes in you and wouldn't want to lie to you. Maintain the same with your fiancee as honesty and frankness are the building blocks of a good relationship.

3. Independent 
Your educated girlfriend requires freedom and her own space in a relationship. Unnecessary doubting and spying will spoil the relationship so give the space she needs and enjoy the space you have. Fashion and clothing is personal freedom, you can only suggest her about the dresses or stuffs but cannot force.

4. Charming And Cheerful  
The smiling face represents transparency, humble and relaxed behaviour. The expressive eyes make you feel that you are always welcome to her heart. Women who show off too much are actually immature and silly.

5. Communicative Skills  
Communication works like a bridge between two minds so the right way of saying things matters a lot in a relationship. Mature women never get judgemental with discussions and are always open minded.

May be you know your fiancee from a few days but the things you need to look for in her can be gauged in a few minutes of the meet. Get smart, plan your questions and analyse the answers. We wish you all the very best.

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