Thursday, November 15, 2012

How To Become An Alpha Man?

How To Become An Alpha Man? - popular guy

Who is an alpha man? To put it quite bluntly he that that guy who walks away with the girl in party while the others are wooing and winning her! If you don't happen to be that guy then you need not despair, it is possible to become an alpha male if you keep certain things in mind. To attract women you need neither money or looks, what you need is charm and the capability to make that charm appear natural.
Here are a few tips to follow if you want to become an alpha male and as a result quite the ladies man.
Tips To Be An Alpha Man:
  • Women can sniff fear. So keep fear and hesitance out of your system totally. The first mark of an alpha man is confidence. If you are confident and fearless you can crack the toughest nuts in the world. Don't be scared because you have nothing to lose.
  • Modern women are very confident and savvy themselves. To stand up to a smart, intelligent and independent woman of today, you need to be doubly confident. Do not let her credentials make you insecure.
  • Women these days have choices. If you want to become alpha then you have to work towards becoming her first choice. For that stop thinking about what she wants and concentrate on what you want from her.
  • Be clear about what you want. Women don't like being manipulated. Make your expectations clear to her and she will consider you brave. It doesn't matter if you just want a casual fling, she will go along if she is impressed by your honesty. May be that is all she wants too.
  • Lead don't follow. If you have to be the alpha man then you must be the pack leader. Never follow the tactics and rules made by other men be it friends or colleagues. Make your own rules and change them if you have to.
  • Learn to keep secrets. Why are women more in control of their lives these days than men? It is because they know how to keep secrets from their men. To be perceived as interesting men should keep secrets too. Do not surrender to the female species totally.
  • Be dependable. Women will be attracted to you only if they can depend on you. These days woman are capable of doing everything by themselves; earn a living, drive cars and even have babies . So you have to work hard to convince her that she needs you.
  • Make it appear effortless. If she gets the slightest hint that whatever you seem to be is put up for a show then you can kiss your date goodbye. You have to make the whole seduction process appear as natural as possible, as if it is second nature to you.
Use these relationship tips to become an alpha man, a formidable match to the modern alpha woman.

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