Thursday, November 15, 2012

How To Pamper And Spoil Your Man?

How To Pamper  And Spoil Your Man? - massage

Pamper a man, you must be joking! That is the standard reaction to such an article but be rest assured, it is misguided. You expect your man to be a wizard in finding new ways to show love to you all the time but when it comes to returning the favour, you just shrug and say 'men don't like such thing'. Men too are foolish enough to protect their super sensitive male ego by denying their need to get pampered. Here is a dark secret, if your man is an alpha man (most men are these days) he will enjoy being pampered just as much as you do but he will never admit it.
Here are some ways to pamper your man so that he stays happy and keeps you happy.
Tips To Pamper A Man:
  • Expensive gifts are not just for men to buy for their wives and girlfriends. Men crave for expensive gifts like ipods, music systems and other high tech stuff too. Just that they are too proud to admit it so they try to buy it themselves. Now that women earn just as much as men, why can't you buy him an expensive phone?
  • Alpha men secretly wish they could do girlie things like going to going to salons and spas but they can't do it for the fear of being called sissy. Give the poor guy a voucher to a luxuries massage parlour or spa so that he can pamper himself and blame it on you.
  • The ways in which you show love need not necessarily be mature all the time. Show him some childish love and you bet he will be pleased. Decorate his room with balloons and streamers on his birthday and blow baby whistles when he comes in. He will find it amusing.
  • The most traditional way to pamper your man is to cook for him. Ask him what he wants to eat and cook a sumptuous dinner for him. If will make him feel like a king and the pampering part will not damage his ego because you are playing out a traditional role of the nurturer.
  • Mothering our man is a great way of showing love provided you know how to do it delicately. Mollycoddle him gently as if you are trying to indulge him because all boys are mama's boys. Do not get overbearing because he will become defensive if he sniffs your intentions.
  • You should also initiate some of the romantic dream dates you expect him to take you to. Plan a perfect night out for him; candle light dinner, his favourite restaurant and a long drive. He needs to feel that you too are trying to please him as much as he is. It will make him depend on you because you are playing the role that he is expected to play.
Use these relationship tips to pamper your man but don't spoil him silly or else he will become a brat!

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