Monday, November 12, 2012

Top 4 Things Women Lie About !!!

Top 4 Things Women Lie About

Just like men, women too lie about things when they are in a relationship. They can be called unpredictable only when these tactics aren't aware. Here are some lie radars/ alarms that will help you to guess and decode the secrets running in their mind. Take a look.

Top 4 Things Women Lie About

1. The most common lie that most women utter “I'm Still Not Ready For A Relationship/ Marriage". The smooth rejection is with the best intentions. May be she is expecting something from you or nothing at all. May be she wants to get away from the relationship or expecting you to force her for the relationship. Remember that if the girl is serious then she will plan to have a relationship with you. 
What You Should Do: Just walk away or avoid her for a few days.

2. “I Will Pay It, It's OK", well it is definitely not OK as she is expecting you to do the needful. Most of the woman expect men to pay for their meetings. Although they smilingly agree to pay up, they will secretly curse you for being calculative.
What You Should Do: Pay up guys as this is the time to prove yourself. Do not get cheap with silly payments.

3. “I Don't Mind When You Watch Other Women/ Porn" - They definitely mind and are testing your faith. Don't get overwhelmed by the cool behaviour as it a simple camouflage. They wary about boyfriends getting charged at a strip tease (without them).
What You Should Do: Simply avoid as a 2 hours of fun may result in monthly torture of your girlfriend.

4. “I Never Liked Any Man" - This is a little impossible as she cannot go against the rules of nature. There is a definite chance of her being in a relationship or atleast in friendship with that person. 
What You Should Do: It's OK, it's not a crime so let go of it and be happy about the fact that she is scared of you.

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