Monday, November 12, 2012

Do You Get Along With His Guy Friends?

Do You Get Along With His Guy Friends - can't hear

Every single guy has a guy gang and if your boyfriend doesn't then may be you should start investigating if he is boy at all! The trouble with guy friends is that they are just as possessive as your girlfriends (even though they pretend not to care a dime). Now if your guy is serious about you he will definitely introduce you to his friends and you will probably be spending a good amount of time together.

If you do not want to have problems with your boyfriend over this group of male friends then there are some very simple ways to get along with them and coexist peacefully.
Ways To Get Along With Your Guy's Guy Friends:

1. After All, You Are A Girl: 
You have a huge advantage to start with and that is your XX chromosome and its external manifestations. Basically you are a girl and they are all guys; it is always easier to get along with the opposite sex because no guy in the world (unless he is boorish oaf) will necessarily displease a girl. Imagine getting along with his girlfriends!

2. Cheers To The Bro Code:
Do not give them airs, they are not your boyfriends. Be a man with them. Bring out the tomboyish side of you when you are with the guy gang if you want to avoid problems with your boyfriend. Pat them on the back, give high fives and be a 'bro' to them. They will accept you quickly and soon you will be part of the group.

3. Sexist Jokes Can Be Funny: 
When you are with his guy friends never ever be judgmental. As a woman you may have your personal objections to certain 'guy jokes' that will be cracked in this group but if you want them to open up to you then you have to laugh it off in good humour.

4. Better To Be Abusive Than The Abused:
When 5 guys meet they start with certain unpronounceable slang to greet each other; that is they way men bond. You cannot judge it as right or wrong nor can you plug your ears. This is a way of life you have to accept when guys are around.

5. Do Not Try To Own Him:
If you try to prove in front of your boyfriend's friends that now he belongs to you and you have replaced them in his life then you will tick them off. They already have strong relationships with him, you have to fit in.

6. Know What Your Guy Wants: 
More than the bro code and the friends, your motive is to bring a strong relationship with your guy; never forget that you are there for him. You have to know exactly how much closeness with his friends is okay with your boyfriend to avoid problems. Do not get so friendly with his friends that it makes him uncomfortable.

Use these relationship tips to get along with his guy friends.

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