Monday, November 12, 2012

Dating A Handsome Guy Is Troublesome?

Dating A Handsome Guy Is Troublesome - man - dude

Dating a handsome guy is good and loved by women. But there is one thing which every women must have noticed. Dating an extremely handsome guy can be troublesome. Often couples fight if the other half is better looking or attractive. Be it a girl or a boy, every human being feels the same when there is possessiveness and complexity. To make the point more clear, check out these points to know what happens if you date a handsome guy.
Why dating a handsome guy troublesome?

While walking on the street with your handsome boyfriend, you might be possessive to protect him from other girls as you are concerned. Being possessive is fine but over possessiveness can lead to fights with your partner.

As your boyfriend is handsome, you will always doubt on him. You will be possessive and this is why you will feel your boyfriend is cheating on you. This can make you doubt on him and fight with him. You might feel he is not honest with you even if he is. This is because of the saying, too handsome guys are flirtatious!!!! It is just a saying and is not applicable in all cases.

Jealousy impact:
In the beginning of the relationship, you might be proud of holding hands of your handsome boyfriend and making other girls jealous of you!!! With passage of time, your attitude will change and you will start feeling something inside! Suddenly, dating a handsome guy will start making you conscious.

As mentioned, dating a handsome guy will make you conscious. As your guy is handsome and you may not be less but the complexity will start capturing your mind. You can start feeling that you are not up to his personality and this can gradually affect your love relationship. This complexity will only lead top fights with the partner.

Self obsessed: 
Often people who are good looking become more conscious of their looks. Whereas some people are self obsessed which is why they are really concerned about their looks and personality. This can irritate you as your handsome guy will be busy appreciating himself all the time while dating or will expect you too appreciate him.

These are few things you can face if dating a handsome guy!

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