Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tips To Win The Trust Of Girlfriend's Dad !!!

Tips To Win The Trust Of Girlfriend's Dad!

You love a girl. She loves you too. But....
Scared to approach her dad!!!!

Every man is scared to approach his girlfriend's dad and winning his trust is like taking a board exam. This is because a girl is very special for her father. She has grown up under his care and guidance and the dad always wishes to keep his daughter away from guys!

However, if you both are in love and wish to maintain your permanent relationship then it is very important to win the trust of your girlfriend's dad. He is the only person in the girl's family who will give his decision on your relation. Here are few tips to approach and win the trust of your girlfriend's dad:

Before you approach the girlfriend's dad, you need to look at your personality. A girl's dad can be impressed by your presentable personality. Look decent, elegant and classic. Dress up properly according to her dad's personality or likes.

Try to talk to her father and build some proximity. Be polite and gentle! In the first few meetings, there are chances of being disliked by the dad but if you try, you can win! Remember, talk when required. Don't speak unnecessarily.

Be responsible: 
You can only win the girlfriend's dad trust if you show that you are responsible and can take care of his daughter. A dad is very concerned about the future of his daughter and so wishes to have a son-in-law who is equally or more responsible than him to take care of his daughter. If you are taking her out with you, be responsible to drop her back safely and make sure to her dad that she is safe with you!

Take permission: 
As you are dating his daughter, it is best to take his permission to win the trust of girlfriend's dad. Don't lie about your plan! Be honest.

Use these tips to win the trust of girlfriend's father and make he permanent relationship more stronger with family love and respect.

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