Sunday, November 18, 2012

Are You In A Rebound Relationship?

Are You In A Rebound Relationship?

Rebound relationships start as a solace from pain of heart break but in the end they end up being even more cause of heart burn than the initial one. So why get into such terribly doomed relationships just for a temporary relief from a bad break up?
What Are Rebound Relationships?
After a bad break up when we are feeling down and out, often unjustly cheated, it is very normal to get attached to the best shoulder to cry upon. Usually the relationships that we get into immediately after a break up called the 'rebound'. You are feeling edgy, lonely and hurt and this new relationship becomes a solace to your bleeding heart. Just like a machine 'recoils' this is a sort of a recoil effect of human emotions.

Why Are They Bad?

  • Often ideal break up advice will not include getting in another relationship immediately. This is because any relationship involves some degree of commitment. After a bad break up you are emotionally disturbed and definitely not in a mental state to take on more complications by adding serious commitments to your life.
  • Moreover, your judgment at this point of time is clouded by pain and loneliness. Like a drowning man your first instinct is to cling on to the nearest twig of support available. The support or pretention of support often comes from the wrong person. The world is full of people scheming enough to take advantage of your tender state of mind.
  • Another terrible problem with such relationships is that you carry the baggage of your first relationship into it. You are still dealing with your break and the negative influences of the bad experiences has not left you yet. In such a situation you will set preconceived standards to judge your new partner and this constant drawing of parallels will nip your love in the bud.
  • Before you get into a fresh relationship with a new person, you need to totally wipe out the last stain of heart break from your previous relationship. Until and unless you are able to do that you are not ready for a new relationship. No relationship is perfect and each one comes with its stresses and strains. Your mind needs to be in the condition to take that strain.
  • After breaking up, you need time for your self. You need to give yourself that time and space to introspect, retrospect and come to a conclusion. Everybody needs closure. An immediate rebound relationships will rob you of the opportunity to have a closure.
  • Usually we choose to cry on the shoulder offered to us and that shoulder might belong to a good friend. If you cling on to that shoulder and convert a good friendship into a bad relationship then you will end up loosing a friend instead of gaining love.
Good relationship tips would therefore be to stay away from rebound relationships and sort out your life first.

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