Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tips To Approach A Girl & Impress Her!

Tips To Approach A Girl & Impress Her!

Sometimes a man might be scared to approach a girl he likes as he can be scared of the response. Even the first impression or confidence can capture your mind which makes you think twice before approaching a girl. If you like a girl and want to approach her then here are tips to approach a girl and take the initiative.
Tips to approach a girl:

Be yourself: 
To impress a girl, don't try to be fake. Just be the way you are and don't feel shy.

Be confident:
It is very important to appear confident if you want to impress a girl and win her love. A girl easily gets impressed if a man has bold and confident personality.

Appear friendly:
Try to show that you know her and build indirect comfort level. If you appear reserved then no girl will ever notice you.

Get her attention towards you: 
Stand or cross her few times to get her attention. It is an effective tip to approach a girl you like. This can be followed by eye contact.

If she is staring at you with interest then give a smile. This is a friendly gesture and a nice way to impress a girl.

Hide over-confidence: 
Just to impress a girl, don't try to be over-confident. Be simple and sober. The elegant style of impressing a girl is really effective. Never show that you are sure of winning her.
Appreciate / compliment her indirectly: To impress a girl, try to compliment her directly or indirectly through gestures. If she replies back then it is a clear sign of approaching her!

Approach her: 
If the girl shows any interest in you then it is a clear sign that you have succeeded in impressing her. Try to talk to her while you initiate a girl finally to start a conversation,

Use these effective tips to approach a girl and win her love!

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