Sunday, November 18, 2012

Most Common Things That Men Do To Impress Women

Most Common Things That Men Do To Impress Women - man and woman holding a heart

If you thought only celebs do superficial things to impress girls, well, that's not true as all men do many silly things to impress their women. If you ask women, they say that men can get into any levels just to prove that they are “the best" but that is only in the beginning. Once, they get assured that the girl has fallen for them they wouldn't care to lift them up for the rest of their lives, which is why smart women pretend that they never are too impressed with any kind of act that men do.

Whatever may be the case, men are always into doing silliest and most foolish things to make their girls feel that they are no less super heroes. Take a look at the top 5 weirdest.
Top 5 Stupid Things That Men Do To Impress Women

1. Learn Guitar Or Salsa
They come to know that the girl of their dreams is an arts student or likes music, that's it, they learn guitar and try and impress to show that they too have a common taste. 
They also learn salsa, waltz or samba to get an opportunity to dance with the girl.

2. Gymming 
They know that women like a man with great body so they try and get those abs, toned muscles to show that they are their macho man. There is another reason why they do such silly things, women love those kind of men who are diet and fitness conscious so in that case working out, they think, will make the girl choose them.

3. Get Into Beauty Treatments  
They would want to impress their women with looks so visit salons often to get a nice hairdo (hiding the white hair) and make the women feel that they are young by heart and looks. They try and get metro sexual and flaunt fashionable clothes to impress women.

4. Learn Karate, Boxing 
They know that women like tough boys so learning some kick boxing will make their task easy (they think). However, men often don't understand that women love men who are tough by decisions and honesty, not by personality. Women like men who stand by for them come what may. 

5. Lying And Flicking Money From Friends  
They lie a lot to prove that they know a lot of things. The most silliest thing that all men follow is borrow money from friends and try to flaunt that they live a high profile lifestyle which later seems difficult for the woman as she would be shattered when she comes to know the truth.

Some women understand the love behind the foolish action and accept the proposal while others feel extremely disappointed for the virtual lifestyle of their boyfriend. The best relationship advice that works easy for men is be the way they are. Women love truth, they admire transparency.

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