Sunday, November 18, 2012

Try These Tips To Flirt With A Guy & Impress Him!

Try These Tips To Flirt With A Guy & Impress Him!

You come across a handsome dude somewhere and want to get along with him for a temporary relationship. If you are shy to flirt or don't have effective tips to flirt with a guy then here are simple tips to help you flirt with the guy you like.
Tips to flirt with a guy:

You should appear attractive so as to get his attention towards you. The appearance need not be provocative but elegant and comfortable in your dress. Look smart! Rest it depends on the man type and taste with whom you are flirting. His personality can clear your doubt of his taste.

Be clean:
 Men love to see a clean girl so you should maintain yourself. Wear nice dress and keep your body clean.

Play with your hair, smile and stare at the guy you like to flirt with. In short be playful and comfortable. This will help you get his attention. Show yourself out through your gestures. The guy will definitely look at you.

Eye contact:
This is a very important tip to flirt with a guy. Let him know that you like him by trying to make eye contact. Look at him and when the eye contact collides, give a smile or nod your head.

Stay alone:
It is best to stay alone if you are trying to flirt with a man. If you are not alone, then use this tip to flirt with a guy. It is a sign of your interest in him. He gets a sign that you are trying to flirt and giving him a chance to approach you.

Check his signs:
Before you approach a guy, check his reactions and body language. Notice if he is equally interested in flirting with you or not. If he smiles back to you or tries to come close to you then it shows that he is interested in you. Go ahead then!

Approach him: 
If you think he is interested in you, then approach the guy you like with a conversation. Appreciate his dress or his likes to boost his ego and show your interest. Remember, don't appear desperate. Maintain your dignity to impress a guy and play smartly so that he falls for you after you take a small initiative.

Use these tips to flirt with a guy and impress him.

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