Monday, November 19, 2012

Tips To Get Over First Love !!!

Tips To Get Over First Love - kiss - man kissing a woman

Getting over your first love is much easier said than done. First love is special is a very cliched statement but in spite of that it seems to be true. No matter how mature we are or how practical, those innocent memories of first love always tug at our heart strings. It it just human psychology or is there more it?
However it has been aptly observed that firsts loves are not very successful. There are many reasons for this..
  • No matter how special your first love is a teenage love affair. So how much success rate do you expect from it?
  • How many people marry their childhood sweethearts? People grow up into different people and part ways.
  • First loves are special but more like infatuations that serious love. This is because we are still too young to understand what we really want.
So if they don't work out so well it is all the more essential to know about getting over fist love. Here is some relationship advice that will help to do just that.
Getting Over First Love Tips:
  • Remember your first love as your childhood friend. You can even keep in touch. You fall in love for the first time when you are 15 or 16 years of age. So that means you were still a child when you had this teenage love affair; legally and emotionally a minor. That special someone was also in most cases a child. So whats the harm in cherishing those days as a part of your childhood memories.
  • Laugh at your immaturity. If you laugh at yourself they world can't laugh at you. This is a sure shot way of getting over your first love. If you sit and think hard you will surely realise how very silly you were when you fell in love for the first time. It should actually make you laugh at your own innocence instead of making you all emotional.
  • Grow up. First love is the type of relationship in which people have big dreams. But they grow up eventually and the dreams change. More often than not their dreams don't match. So what is better to stick around with each other in an unhappy union or to just move on and find the right person for yourself. You have to firstly convince yourself that whatever happened was in the best interest of you both. So you need to grow up and take these things in your stride.
  • The person you loved is not the same now. The young boy or girl who captured your fanciful imagination so many years back is not the same now. He or she too has changed just like you have. May be meeting your first love can convince you that you that your first love exist only in your imagination.
Getting over first love I something we all have to do eventually so it is better to do it with a light heart.

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