Monday, November 19, 2012

Is Flirting Your Second Nature?

Is Flirting Your Second Nature? - man flirting with a woman - girl

Are you a flirt? Is it your second nature? How do you come to know that you are a flirt? You come across a handsome guy or a beautiful girl and then starts your eye game. You stare at the him/her and a smile gives the first sign of flirting! So, when do you know you are flirting?

Whenever you see someone from the opposite sex, your eyes don't get off without taking a look of the person. Many people don't take time to approach and talk to him/her. Its not just men who love to flirt but even women love to flirt and enjoy the time as men.

Check out these points and you can judge if you are a flirt by second nature:

1. When you see someone from the opposite sex, do you try to get his/her attention towards you? If so then you want to make the person aware of your presence and interest in him/her.

2. Do you use signs of flirting like a smile, eye contact, actions or gestures to draw attention to name a few.

3. If you are a flirt by second nature, you walk by without any reason or sense in front of the opposite sex. This is a common sign of flirting practiced when you get some response from the opposite sex or you are not noticed by him/her. This is why you roam across the same place to make yourself known. However, this is an effective sign of flirting which can have a positive or negative result. Who cares!!!!!

4. Isolate yourself from the company of your friends then you try to show him/her that you wish to talk and spend some quality time together, know each other... a flirt by second nature!

5. If you try to touch him/her or try to be proximate, then you are definitely flirting. Intentional body touching is different from an accidental one!

6. You directly approach him/her and start up a general conversation? Yes. Its too direct and immediate but an effective sign of flirting.

If these points match with you then you are trying to flirt or a flirt by second nature!

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