Monday, November 19, 2012

Things That Make Women Melt !!!

husband-wife-Things That Make Women Melt

If men love a few things about women then women too melt for a few things in men. Take a look to know what.

Men have the magic to drag women crazy, they can turn women on anytime provided they know what women love in them. Get a few ideas to know what women love in men.

Things That Make Women Melt For Men -

1. Most women would love men who dress up well. They like the sense of style, the elegance and class that often men flaunt. Women also go gaga over the luxuries that men use, it may be accessories, men toys etc.

2. Women would melt for men with a fit body, the perfect abs and hair less chest is what most women crave for. The muscles and a soothing body odor all accounts to the things women love.

3. Teenage girls would totally faint if men put the right steps with them. A good dancer is what every women would like their dream man to be. The dancing need not be too heavy but simple steps with the right attitude is more than enough to make women weak.

4. Married ladies would expect their partner to care them endlessly. They like their partner taking care when unwell. Honesty and patience are the two things that women want and like in their spouse.

5. Young girls would want their man to zoom on wheels. The wheelies and race that men do make most women feel that are manly and stylish.

6. Girls would also expect their man to be good bodyguards, they like men who are ready to pounce on people just to save them.

7. They also melt for men who surprise them often with gifts and cooking. They like men who share their household chores. All in all, women would want men who are best at home, at work and at parties.

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