Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tips To Deal With A Shopaholic Girlfriend!

Tips To Deal With A Shopaholic Girlfriend - man and woman at supermarket

Are your tired of taking your girlfriend for shopping? Women love shopping and this is the most intolerable thing for a man. Men get irritated with the shopping addiction or hobby of women. When you go out with your girlfriend on weekends, she would prefer entering a mall or showroom to buy one item but gradually end up spending more than expected. If you want to save your pockets and want to deal with a shopaholic girlfriend, here are few smart tips to tackle her addiction.

Tips to deal with a shopaholic girlfriend:

It is very good to avoid taking her outside to malls or places where she will start scanning the shops. The more you avoid taking her for shopping, the more her addiction will deepen.

Call her home:
Nothing can be easier than meeting at home. This is a nice tip to deal with a shopaholic girlfriend as you divert her mind towards you. This way you also avoid going out with her and making her shop more.

Throw excuses:
To deal with a shopaholic girlfriend, you have to be very strong mentally. Getting carried away will only increase her addiction. When she wants to buy something, throw excuses such as you don't have money or the most simpler way, you didn't like it! She will never prefer buying something you don't like. Do this smartly so that she doesn't doubt you.

This can be a little tricky tip to deal with a shopaholic girlfriend. You have to become really strict with her to help her get out of this addiction. Whenever she wishes to shop, threaten her by saying that you will break up or something else which attacks her emotions. If she really loves you, she won't try to go against your wishes.

Try these tips to deal with a shopaholic girlfriend. While following these tips, don't be harsh or rude to her. It would be a nice thought to get her few surprised at times while taking her out of the addiction. This will make her feel better and important!

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