Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How To Learn Living Alone?

How To Learn Living Alone?

Living alone is not easy but it does not have to be depressive either. We all expect time from our partner but that does not mean that space in relationships is not required. We all have to learn to be self sufficient and live with ourselves at some point of time in life. You may think that it is a nightmare in the exuberance of youth as time passes by we all realise that we have not given enough time to ourselves in your life.
Here are some of ways in which you can justify your living alone to yourself and that makes you feel better.

Why You Should Try Living Alone?

1. Ask yourself this simple question; how much time do you spend with yourself? You will realise that you have actually given hardly any time or effort for yourself in your life because you were too busy living for others. You are too busy thinking about what to pack him for lunch to bother about your breakfast and when you are actually alone you are too upset to cook.

2. Being single or committed has nothing to do with this. Every relationship needs space and distance in a relationship makes the heart grow fonder. The only difference is that when you are single you don't have a choice but being committed you are making a conscious decision to be alone.

3. Have you ever wondered why you seem to have left your hobbies behind as you grew up? Maybe you liked to paint as a kid but now you are married and you have to give your 'marriage' time. Use the space in your relationship to develop your long forgotten hobbies.

4. Have you stopped eating pizzas because your partner doesn't like to pizzas? We make these sacrifices and alterations in our life without even realising the gravity of what we have done. You can utilize the distance in your relationship to give yourself a pizza treat once in a month when he is meeting his friends or parents.

5. What do you and your partner fight about? How much time you should be spending with each others families is definitely one of the main bones of contention. Why quarrel about something that can be easily resolved by mutual understanding. You don't have to attend her cousin's wedding if you have work; just stay back alone.

6. Do you feel that people will feel sorry for you if you are living alone? It is a very redundant thought because nobody can feel sorry for you unless you feel sorry for yourself. If you truly relish your hobbies and the pleasure of solitude on your own time then nothing else matters.

These points will give you all the justification you need but it is up to you to use these relationship tips to learn living alone and enjoying your solitude in the end.

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