Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Leave Boyfriend? - 5 Getaway Rules!

Girl-Leaving-Boyfriend - Leave Boyfriend - Getaway Rules

Boyfriends are crazy, they fall for you until you fall for them, they taunt you when you are not in a mood, they rule you until you rule them out! Take a look at these easy getaway rules to keep them away and stay happy forever.

At times, you feel that there is absolutely no necessity of getting in relationship with guys. You may be getting into a lot of complications when you are in touch with them.

They have a problem when you cannot meet them, they get angry when you are in a hurry, they cannot stand by you when you struggle and just irritate you always. Gals! Its time to leave such boyfriends.

It is time to put an end to all the mess in life, get rid of boyfriend and learn the getaway rules. Here are some interesting ones.

5 Getaway Rules To Maintain Distance From Irritating Boyfriend

1. Avoid His Calls
The best thing to do before leaving your boyfriend is make him realise how cheap he is according to you. Avoid his calls and text messages. It is extremely disturbing for you as he can never understand and you can never make him understand so what best than change the number that can disconnect the two broken hearts and bring peace.

2. Send Him Philosophical Massages
If he irritates you then you must calm him with great men quotes and statements. Sometimes irrelavent messages create distance and help you to get rid of boyfriend faster. It will be a warning to him that you do not want to understand him anymore and are dreaming that he will leave you shortly.

3. Keep Travelling 
Your boyfriend must feel that he isn't the only man you get entertained with. Travel more and you will realise that there are bigger things in the world. Travel makes people become mature, de-stress and get cleared with what one wishes in life.

4. Get Busy With Work 
Make him understand that you love to be independent and would want to work and reap benefits with your money. Tell him that you have plans about making a career for yourself and have no time to romance at this stage of life.

5. Spend More Time With Family
Make him realise that you would like to spend quality time with family as they are the ones who genuinely love you. Watch movie with siblings, take parents for a walk or shopping and you will definitely feel light for maintaining a good bondage with family. The support that you get from family is much higher than your roadside romeo.

Remember!   Boyfriends are afterall humans and not god and are not impossible to find. So ask questions to yourself about what you really want from life and life, after that, get simple and happy.

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