Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How To Date A Shy/Reserved Guy?

How To Date A Shy - Reserved Guy - man ignoring woman

Dating is one of the most wonderful experience for couples. For everyone, it takes time to open up in a new relationship. In some cases, the woman is reserved or shy in the beginning days whereas in few cases, men are really shy/reserved which makes it difficult for the partner to understand and adjust. Many a times, there are misunderstandings when a woman is dating a shy guy as the guy doesn't like to express himself or is shy to do so. Therefore, here are few tips to date and deal with a shy/reserved guy.
Tips to date a shy/reserved guy:

It is very important to understand your man. This takes time and requires lot of patience. You can only understand when he shares with you, right? But you have to accept that he is not comfortable sharing few stuffs with anyone. A reserved guy is generically misunderstood as an egoist because he talks less and doesn't comment or compliment much. So, understand him as he is like that since years and you can't change him in days, weeks or months.

Take an initiative:
When you date a shy/reserved guy, you know that he will not talk much. It is now you job to open him up and build comfort levels. You take an initiative by starting a topic of his interest. This makes him talk and you can make him talk too!

Don't react: 
It is better not to react when you know that he is shy. It is difficult to date a shy guy but this doesn't mean he won't change at all. You can bring little changes in him. Reserved guys can become close to just one person that too with time. You have to build this trust so that he searches you to share everything which captures his mind.

Women need to have patience! This is a very important tip to remember when you are dating a reserved/shy guy. You can't change a person in a day or with arguments. You need to have patience and be strong to deal with a reserved guy. Having patience will definitely work. Remember, you have to win his trust so as to make him comfortable.

These are few tips to deal and date a shy/reserved guy. They are shy that doesn't mean they are aliens!

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