Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rules To Deal, Date & Dump 2 Boyfriends !!!

Rules To Deal, Date & Dump 2 Boyfriends! - cheating

Dating two boyfriends is nothing new or unusual these days. Most of the women get committed to two guys at the same time and find it really interesting or useful. When you are double-dating, there are certain rules to follow so that you can easily carry double dating. Here are few tips to date, deal and dump your two boyfriends who are on your two sides! Check out.

Tips to deal, date and dump two boyfriends:

Be clever: 
You have to be very clever while dating two boyfriends as you have to deal with two different guys at the same time. You have to be smart enough to hide your double dating.

Don't let them know: 
It is best if the two guys don't know each other. It becomes easy to date two boyfriends at the same time then. If the guys know each other you have to be prepared to deal with the two boyfriends without any trouble!

Remember their routine:
It is good to know their schedule and plan everything accordingly. This is an effective double dating tip to prevent getting caught and dumped! To avoid clashing your date timings, keep a track of your boyfriends routine.

Learn to lie and hide:
To deal with two boyfriends at the same time, you have to be extra smart every moment. One doubt and you will get caught easily. So, learn to lie and hide things from others. This is good to maintain a healthy double dating.

Avoid talking about each other:
To date two boyfriends at the same time, avoid talking about the other one in the presence of one. For eg, don't talking about your second boyfriend when you are with your first one. Also pretend to be good friends when both are together.

When you find it difficult to deal with two boyfriends at the same time, it is good to remove one from your life. Dump your boyfriend or pretend to dump when he doubts! This increases his trust and makes it easy to date two guys!

Follow these tips to deal, date and dump two boyfriends!

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