Friday, November 9, 2012

Things You Must Never Tell A Tomboy !!!

Things You Must Never Tell A Tomboy

5 Things To Never Say To A Tomboy:

1. Women Drivers:
Imagine this situation where you are taking her out for a drive. A lady driver overtakes you in the worst possible way. You swear at the lady concerned and say, 'women drivers, they never learn'. That is it!! Your chances of ever wooing her have sealed. You must understand that she is a girl who is comfortable with 'a guy thing' like gadgets and cars just like you are. This generalisation will burst her into anger.

2. Are All Girls This Bad At Math? 
Suppose she is trying to solve a difficult mental calculation and you do it in seconds. Do not be discourteous and say, 'are all girls bad at maths'. There are many women who have done their Phd in mathematics, so that taunt is totally irrelevant. 

3. Are You Sure You Can Drive? 
You are totally sloshed after a late night party and you have the insolence to ask her this question. Men just do not understand that sober women drivers cause lesser accidents than drunk men. Women can drive! Should we quote scientific data to prove it?

4. Lets Play, I Won't Let You Lose
If women wanted to play just to win, then there would be no fun in the competition. Girls don't like to hear that they are not competing as equals in any game be it cricket or basketball or chess for that matter. It is discriminative especially for a tomboy who is trying hard to break out of the mold of a typical girl.

5. You Smoke!
This is one of the most irritating habits that guys have. They will be happily puffing a cigarette but if a girl asks for a lighter, they get shocked out of their wits. We agree that smoking is not the best things to do. But, why you need to confuse a heath issue with a gender taboo? Smoking will kill both in the same manner. So, wipe that surprised look off your face.

Avoid committing these mistakes if you want to win the heart win the heart of a tomboy

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