Friday, November 9, 2012

Tried These Adventures With Your Girlfriend ??!!

Tried These Adventures With Your Girlfriend - camping trip

Often couples complain that their relationships gets boring after a span of time. For a lively relationship, couples should take a break from their daily routine. How? By going on a vacation or by indulging in some sports, couples get to spend some quality time together. Take a break from your office and regular restaurant dinners.
Try these adventures with your girlfriend and spend some quality time together.

Adventures to try with your girlfriend:

Safari ride:
Nothing can be more entertaining than going for a wild safari. Take your girl for a safari ride and see how exciting this adventurous trip will be. Your girlfriend will be more than happy to spend some time with you like this. If you want to spend some romantic time with your girlfriend, then surprise her by visiting the mountains.

Adventure sports is great for couples. You spend time with each other and also lose those extra pounds. Go for hiking or river rafting and have fun together. Adventurous sports will give you an adrenaline rush and raise your spirits.

Visit haunted places:
This may sound funny but, nothing can be more scary or thrilling than going to a haunted place. Make sure that one of you is not scared else, the trip would end up with a fight. If you/she doesn't believe in ghosts, it is easy to handle the situation while enjoying the adventurous trip!

Scare some friend: 
Remember how we used to scare people around us in our childhood days. Bring out the same kid in you! Try this adventure with your girlfriend and see how exciting the task would be! Pick up a mutual friend who is really scared of ghosts and give him/her the creeps. But, stay in your limits so that your friend doesn't get a panic attack.

Drink at an open and dark place: 
Want to try something different? This weekend, Instead of going to a lounge this weekend take your girlfriend to some new place for a drink. Look out for a place where there is calmness and no one to interfere. Carry your drinks and sit under the moonlight and spend some good time together. A resort or beach is an ideal place to enjoy such adventure with your girlfriend. But, make sure you don't turn back home in a drunken state.

These are few sports or activities to spend some quality time with each other. Do try these adventures with your girlfriend!

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