Friday, November 9, 2012

Never Share These Things With Your Partner !!!

Never Share These Things With Your Partner -not telling a secret

In a relationship, you dedicate yourself to your love and expect the same from your partner. It is normal to share things and ideas with your partner but, in a relationship, sometimes this sharing can be really harmful. We know, sharing is caring but to an extent. Sometimes, for a healthy and smooth relationship you have to stop yourself to share few things with your partner. What are these things?

Things not to share with your partner:

Facebook password: 
The world is engaging more with Facebook, the best social networking site presently. If you have more friends from the opposite gender, then avoid sharing password with your partner. Both men and women are possessive with their partners and checking out involvement with opposite gender will definitely lead to complications in your healthy love life.

Similar to chatting on the social networking sites, chatting on cell phones through messages is all the more common. For a healthy relationship and love life, avoid sharing your mobile messages with your partner.

Friend's number: 
You might trust your partner but, sharing a friend's number can be risky at times. Trusting your man/woman is ethical but you cannot blindly trust your friend. This is more common among single friends. So, be careful if you are sharing your friend's number with your partner.

This point is more applicable for men. If you disclose your savings amount then your partner might take you for granted. For example, when you disagree to buy her a new ring, she might talk about the bank balance and this will automatically lead to a fight. So, never share your savings details with your partner.

Hidden secrets: 
Never ever share your hidden secrets with your partner. If you want to have a happy love life, then don't even think of sharing your past with your partner. It is common to have a past relationship in this generation but you must know that our partners won't appreciate it.

These are few things that you should never share with your partner. If you want to have a happy relationship, avoid disclosing these and similar details. Do not think that hiding these details is cheating. If you are honest with your partner, you should not feel negative for hiding such things.

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