Friday, November 9, 2012

Women Wish Men Understand These....

Women Wish Men Understand These.... - man and woman in a car

It is said that men are from Mars and women from Venus. Have you ever wondered why this saying became so popular that a book was written to explain the reasons! It is simple, men cannot understand women and vice-versa. Both the genders are distinct from each other in every way. This can also be proved by saying that opposite poles attract. When opposites attract, love happens but complications too arise in the healthy relationship. For example, a man finds it difficult to understand what his woman wants or expects. Similarly, a woman expects that her man understand her and is not lost in his own world. To get clear with my last sentence, you have to know what women wish their men understood without saying!

6 things women wish men understand without saying:

I miss you:
If I say that I miss you, it means something to a woman! It is not that I am trying to say just to get attention or start a romantic conversation with you!!!

Listen to me: 
When we both are conversing, it should flow from both the sides. Expecting attention from you when he talks can make any man appear selfish. I know women are more talkative, but as a partner, every man should pay attention on her talks when she is talking to you!

Take out some time for me:
Many women complain of the hectic work schedule of their men. For a healthy relationship, you should take out time for her and not turn yourself into a workaholic. I expect you to talk to me once you are back home and spend some quality time for a healthy love relationship.
Value me! If so, express it: Men can't express. Only few in the majority knows how to express their feelings and win hearts of women within a blink of an eyelid. Women often wish that their men should understand the value of expressing without saying or being forced to say!

I am not a puppet to romance:
Why do men come to us when they want to make love? Why don't they stay same all the time and talk to us especially after making love? Every woman wishes that her man knew the importance of companionship without her asking for it. Men should not become romantic only when they are in a mood to make love.

I love to wear what I like:
Many men restrict their women when it comes to clothing. For example, men love to see their partners in jeans and if the woman wears a skirt, her man reacts negatively. Women wish to wear what they feel like. Comfort is also a concern for them. Most of the women feel men understand this wish without saying.

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