Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Worst Online Dating Mistakes !!!!

The Worst Online Dating Mistakes - girl using laptop computer on a couch

Don’t Screw the Pooch
There are a number of common mistakes that guys make with online dating. These are mistakes that I made when I was getting started online and mistakes that I see my clients making over and over and over again…

But luckily these silly goofs can be easily corrected once you can properly identify them.

Mistake #1 – Bad Picture
This mistake seems obvious enough. But everyday I get guys asking me for help with their profiles and when I take a look I see a crappy picture. Look, we all know that you don’t need to be a classically handsome man to pull hot chicks. BUT, if you are trying to hook up online then you need a picture that puts you in a good light. One of the easiest things to fix is the clothes that you wear in your picture, having a cool personal style is super helpful for communicating the fact that you “get it” to the women who are looking at your profile.

Mistake #2 – Winking
Most dating sites have an option where instead of emailing a woman that you are interested in you can send her some other signal of interest like a ‘poke’ or a ‘wink.’ etc. Sending these is a terrible idea because many girls just refuse to respond to winks altogether and the women who will respond will typically just wink back rather than emailing you, so you still have to send the first email. Now I’ll admit that when I was getting started I sent out a truckload of winks and I actually did get some dates out of the deal. But in retrospect it’s just not very effective…

Mistake #3 – Not Closing Quickly Enough
This one is bad news. Once you get a girl writing to you, you should be all about getting her number and getting a date set up ASAP. Starting a relationship with her through email, waiting too long to email her back, and becoming her instant messenger chat buddy are all ways of ensuring that you’ll never see her naked if you even see her in person at all.

Don’t worry about jumping the gun, if she is emailing you she is somewhat interested and should be forth coming with her phone number. If she isn’t, just “next” her!

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