Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Top 10 Steps to Meet Women !!!

woman-at-bar - The Top 10 Steps to Meet Women

The Ten Commandments To Picking Up Chicks
1. The direct approach only works with women who are alone. It is risky, as it requires the woman to find you immediately attractive. This approach would be a sincere compliment, coupled with a backhanded-compliment: “You’re a beautiful woman, but what’s really rare is beauty, positive outlook and a great personality. You’ve got out two out of three so far.” Say it with a smile and be half-joking.

2. The indirect approach should be used if a woman is with a friend, in a group or alone: “Are you girls best friends, because you seem really similar in the way you smile?” or “Do you think it’s right for a guy to break up with a girl via text message?”

3. Whether you are using the direct or indirect approach, you must create a false time constraint so that the girl knows that you will not be talking to her very long, you’re not one of those people who is going to sit down forever and you are a busy guy.

4. When you are talking to a woman, make sure that she has you locked into the conversation, not the other way around. For example, if she is leaning against a wall and you’re talking to her, then she is “locked in.” You need to turn that around, subtly, so that you are the one with your back against the wall, she must appear to have you locked in.

5. In the indirect approach, you must let the girl know that you have value. A rule of thumb is women have replicate value (they can have sex anytime), but they want survival value. Men have survival value (making money, taking care of women), but want a woman with replicate value (attractive). You need to create your value in her mind.

6. Three types of value that you need to have in a woman’s mind are: 1. You are a leader of men (or you are very close to a leader of men). 2. You are pre-selected by other women. 3. You are a protector of women, children and family.

7. Bring a female friend wing woman with you to a club or bar.  This immediately gives you the value of being pre-selected by another woman (see #6) in the eyes of the women at the club.  They are thinking, “If she likes him, then he must have something going on.”

8. You must disqualify yourself as potential suitor. It is the best way to get her to lower her “bitch shield” that she uses against guys all day. Say this with a smile: “I would go for a girl like you if we weren’t so much alike, we’d be fighting all the time.”

9. You must “neg” her with cute half-compliments: “I like how you smile, it’s so cute how your nose crinkles up like that.” These are playful, not insulting, remarks that bring her off the pedestal and down to earth. It shows that you are her equal.

10. In the indirect approach, do not show that you are interested in her, until she has shown that she is interested in you first. This includes: touching you, lots of eye contact, asking you questions, doing the “horse laugh” where she bares her teeth… all non-verbal flirts. Also, if she moves closer to you, proximity is an indicator of interest.

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