Saturday, November 3, 2012

Be Nice, The Right Way

guy sweater - nice guy

There’s this myth that nice guys finish last. I’m extremely nice to women, but I’m definitely not “last.” I’m doing good for myself, and I’m not worried about finding the right one to raise a family with, but only when I’m ready.

Let me clarify how some nice ideas get screwed up, and how to apply nice the right way.

I love opening doors for women, taking their coats, letting them win in a game, and generally making sure they feel safe and appreciated.

I never do this to impress women. I do this to make women feel good when they are with me, because that turns me on – to see a woman feeling great with me. I’m not a jealous guy, but when I hear about a woman I care about getting harassed or disrespected, I get really upset, because I am very protective. And that’s what chivalry is all about.

I don’t suggest getting hotheaded about protecting your women like I tend to do, but I do advocate making sure your women feel safe with you. The best way to do this is to genuinely care about her. Women are precious and beautiful. Treat them as such.

It’s easy to get in the compliment trap, because men are conditioned to think that they must suck up to women to get sex. This is the opposite of reality. Women, they when you try to flatter them into having sex.

Focus on her personality. The only times I compliment a woman’s physical beauty is when I approach, and then maybe a couple times during the conversation, but I’m very careful to not overdo it. Instead, I give a ton of appreciation on her character. I tell her I like her sense of humor, how she thinks, and that we have similar ambitions. This is the right way to compliment a woman.

Like I said, I’m very protective. But I tend to really amp-up how crazy the world is when I’m with a woman. I become very alert, and any person/car/random thing, that comes near us becomes a potential threat. I react by pulling my girl close to my, and shielding/holding her – whatever is necessary.

Like Vin says, “The world is a very dangerous place when she’s with me.” This may sound strange, but what he means is, you must show a woman right away that you intend on protecting and caring for her. The world is a dangerous place, and you must be a source of love and safety for women, and anyone that comes into your life.

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