Saturday, November 3, 2012

7 Lucky Lines to Use in the Company of Hot Women !!!

talking-to-a-woman - 7 Lucky Lines to Use in the Company of Hot Women

Alright, alright. Every week I usually write my articles up on a soapbox, preaching all the life-affirming stuff I think you need to hear to become awesome with women. But, every once in a while, I gotta step down from the soapbox and open up the toolbox.

In other words, I’m going to share some specifics. Sure, these “lines” won’t transform you into some super stud or make you an instant heartthrob; however, sprinkling in a well-articulated witticism every once in a while can create some positive momentum during an interaction or a date.

Maybe that one little push will ignite an entire relationship. Who knows? I’m not here to tell you how or why you should use these lines; I’m just here to tell you the damn lines.

That said, please note that the potency of these lines rests on their non-obviousness and non-flashiness. Unless you’re a complete idiot with women, if a girl even thinks you’re using a line, you lose. (Hence why dumbass pickup lines like, “You from Tennessee? Cause you’re the only ten I see…hur-dur-dur” are cringe-worthy.

So, without further adieu, here are the 7 lucky lines…

7. If a girl is ignoring you:
“[Hold out hand] In America [or whatever country you’re in], we have this magical little thing called a handshake. Here, it goes something like this…”
Sometimes when you approach a girl…she gives you nothing. She answers you with one-word answers—or worse—nothing at all. Often guys panic in these situations and do all sorts of frantic things (like walk away with their tail between their legs). Sometimes the best way to handle a girl’s bullshit is by giving it right back at her, with a touch of comedy.

6. As an adjective:
“…it transcends transcendence…”
Whenever you’re conversing with a hot woman, it’s always good to “over-sell” whatever activity you’re describing. For example, if you wanted to offer a woman a drink, don’t say, “Let’s get drinks. There’s a really good beer you should try.” Instead, make it fun and exciting by saying, “Let’s get drinks. I’m gonna order you a beer that transcends transcendence!”

5. To begin an interaction:
“I’ve been looking for you all night.”
A common conversation I often have with my rolodex of friends who are awesome with women is that the riskiest way to begin an interaction with a woman is by not being risky at all. As the old maxim states, “Fortune favors the bold.” As such, you’re much better off with a “bold” opening line, rather than asking a question or doing something else equally as emasculating. Walking up to a girl and saying, “I’ve been looking for you all night” is boldness at its finest. (Also, it puts her on the defensive, as she’ll ask, “Why?”)

4. As a compliment:
“I’d be acting like a perfect gentlemen right now if you weren’t so cute.”
Any sort of compliment that adds an element of “push/pull” is much better than a generic compliment like, “You’re cute.” Rather than simply kissing her ass, you’re also being a challenge. Whenever a woman calls me out for acting too awesome (i.e., acting too bold), I agree with her, then blame it on her: “I’d be acting like a perfect gentlemen right now if you weren’t so cute.”

3. As a challenge:
“Show me your dance moves.”
A major problem most guys have with women is they act spineless. If you simply agree with everything she says and act super nice, she’s only going to regard you as her new girlfriend. Man up, man! While I never advocate intentionally putting a woman down or insulting her, you should be challenging her to make sure that she’s equally invested in the interaction. And one of the simplest ways to do that is by daring her, “Show me your dance moves.”

2. When disagreeing with her:
“Let’s not talk about that. Anyway…”
Again, not exactly mind-blowing in complexity, simply telling a woman you don’t want to talk about something is incredibly attractive. Guys usually jump all over any topic a woman brings up like a starving dog begging for table scraps. Don’t be such a bitch! If a woman brings up a stupid conversation topic (or even something you just don’t feel like discussing), dismiss it with a simple, “Let’s not talk about that. Anyway…”

1. When complementing her:
“Genuine complement: you’re awesome. I like being around you.”
I don’t want this list to over-emphasize the abrasive lines. While it’s important to have self-respect and not compromise your manhood with conversations you don’t like having, it’s also important to genuinely appreciate a girl for who she is. There’s no need to wax poetic and compose her a Petrarchan sonnet, but you should feel comfortable telling her pointblank that you like her.

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