Saturday, November 3, 2012

How To Get A Second Date With A Girl ??!!

How To Get A Second Date With A Girl - man and a woman drinking wine

Honestly, the easiest way that I’ve found to assure that I get a second date with a girl is to have a really passionate first date.

But, that being said, many times things just won’t pan out like that the first time you hangout. So in this article I’m gonna look at how to get a second date with a girl that you are not already sleeping with.

This is something I used to struggle with a lot a few years back. When I discovered online dating and starting going out on several first dates a week there would be some girls who would just go AWOL after our first date, and often these would be the ones that I was MOST interested in pursuing relationships with.

And this SUCKED…

But, after some trial and error I came up with a couple of tricks that improve the likelihood of a second date:

1. Set Up Date #2 On Date #1
One of the main reasons that you won’t get a second date with a girl is that you don’t express your intent strongly enough. If you are ending your dates with a hug and a promise to call her later, this pretty much explains why shit is fizzling out.

Instead, let her know that you want to see her, and make a plan. The key here is not to look like you are desperate to see her again. This is easily done by making the plans a natural progression of whatever you are already talking about. So, if she is saying that she loves the beach, and you tell her about some beach you go to you can say, “You should come check it out with me, what are you doing this weekend?”

2. Don’t Pull a Jon Favreau
Hopefully you’ve seen the movie “Swingers.” If not watch it tonight! There’s a great scene in there where the main character played by Jon Favreau gets a girl’s number at a bar, goes home, and proceeds to leave her like 5 voice mails in a row. It’s hilarious, but this is also a real mistake that a lot of guys make.

So, after date #1 hopefully you should have something set up for date #2 already. But, you will probably have to get in touch just to confirm things. So here’s what you do, call her up and if you get her answering machine leave ONE message, where you very calmly just say “What’s up? Gimme a call I want to know about Saturday…” And then put her out of your mind.

3. Don’t Send Lame Texts
Personally, I prefer calling on the phone to ask a woman on a date and all the women I’ve talked to about this agree that texting a girl to ask her out is pretty weak game. But if you are going to text her, at very least send her something cool.

The basic rule for texting girls is too make it fun, NOT formal. So you should NEVER send a text like “Hello Katie, how are you doing? I was wondering if you would still like to go to the beach with me this weekend? Please let me know when you get a chance.”  No bueno…

Instead if you must text then hit her with something like “Sup K, beach on sat, got a new speedo, is 2pm good 4 u?” Mentioning funny stuff like speedos, and fanny packs will make her smile and greatly improve your response rate.

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