Saturday, November 3, 2012

Easy Conversation Starters: Grocery Stores...

Easy Conversation Starters- Grocery Stores- girl in a supermarket

Did you know that most women have a common fantasy of meeting a man at the grocery store? I only just recently learned this, and it’s seems true based on the positive responses I get when I talk to women at the grocery store. First off, let me tell you the best grocery stores to meet women. Whole Foods and Trader Joes are great because they have great healthy food, and also have trendy cafes and places to eat inside the store. The best times to go? Between 4 and 6 PM, Wednesday through Friday (especially Friday).

1. Ask for Help
Ask her for advice on a dish you are going to prepare, even if you know how to do it yourself. Appreciate her advice and ask her if she cooks much. She’ll probably say yes, at which point you can escalate by giving her approval, and using your approval as a justification for more focused interest. For example, “That’s great. Not only are you cute, but you cook. You’re like my perfect woman haha. What’s your name? Are you from the area?”

2. Wait for Her to Leave Then Chase her Down
This is my personal favorite, not sure why. I think it’s because it’s a movie-moment, it’s romantic, and is also ballsy. Women respect balls. If you see that smoking-hot woman walk out of the store with bags in hand, run after her. Try to catch her before she walks into the street if possible. You don’t want to approach her at her car – that looks a little scary. It’s OK if you have no choice, but ideally you want to catch her while she’s still in a safe area, just in front of the store. Stop her and say, “I know this is crazy, but I saw you in the store, and you just took my breath away. I had to meet you before you left. You gotta give me your name now since I left my shopping cart unattended back there!” Even if she’s taken, she’ll still be incredibly flattered.

3. Make a Funny or Earnest Suggestion
Notice what she’s looking at, and make a funny suggestion. For example, if she’s in the peanut butter section, make sure you say, “Go with creamy. No one honestly likes crunchy.” Or if you’re at a clothing store, and she’s looking at dresses, say, “No, that’s not you. That’s you,” and point at something ridiculous or clearly not her style. If she laughs, say, “I like your smile. What’s your name?” If she doesn’t, say, “Sorry, I just wanted to see your smile. I don’t mean to distract you from your shopping.” If she’s, “that’s OK” and turns back around, let it go. If she smiles, ask her name.

4. Compliment, Leave, Return
I call this the double-tap. As you pass her, give her a compliment while smiling and looking into her eyes. Then walk off and do your shopping. Keep an eye on the door to make sure she doesn’t leave – if she does just chase her down like #2. After a few minutes, deliberately cross her path again. This time, catch her eye, smile, and ask how her shopping is going. After she answers, ask her name and take it from there.

When it comes to meeting women in stores, especially grocery stores, the odds are in your favor because women want to meet men this way!

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