Friday, November 23, 2012

The Importance Of Wedding Vows !!!

The Importance Of Wedding Vows - marriage

You have found the man of your dreams and all set to walk down the aisle. But there is one thing at the back of your mind which is really disturbing you before D-day and that is the 'wedding vows'.
The importance of Wedding vows really struck me when I attended a Christian wedding last week. The blushing bride and the handsome groom stood in front of each other and when it came to the vows, they were struck by lightening! Knowing each other for 6-years and lost in words to express their love for each other astonished the crowd. Embarrassed by the whole situation, the priest had to continue with the wedding leaving behind the most important aspect , the 'wedding vows'. To us, this Christian wedding felt incomplete because it is said that in most Christian weddings, the vows is essential as it brings out the expressions of the heart.This wedding soon became the talk of the town, as many believed that the bride and groom really did'nt know each other before they said, 'I do' and suprinsgly the couple felt the same!
When it comes to a Christian wedding ceremony or any other, wedding vows is ideal, for everyone gathered would like to know why you chose your partner standing before you at the altar. For most brides and grooms to be, they fear the time when they have to put their thoughts on a piece of paper. But for a handful of happy couples, it is different for they are indeed ready with a whole list of expressions they can tell their partner on the wedding day.
If you know the person you are in love, standing before you at the altar on your wedding day, then wedding vows should indeed be easy for you to express.
But, for those of you who need help with vows, the only way out is to spend time some time alone , and question yourself how he/she is important to you, reflect back on those days when you first met each other, think about all the happy and sad moments you shared and I'm sure you will run out of ink once you put pen to paper!

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