Sunday, November 25, 2012

Express The Magical Words (I Love you) !!!!

I Love you - Express The Magical Words

You have been admiring that girl walk past your home everyday, you see her in the supermarket and you cant say a thing, you see her at your college but you cant express your love for her. You might be one of those shy boys who just cant walk up to a girl and tell her that you love her. Perhaps these unique ways to say I love you might just help you get her to notice your feelings and who knows things might just click between the two of you!
Here are some unique ways to say I love you to the one you are dying to express love too!

1.The best way to express love is by giving her a big crazy card. Tell her how your feeling in the form of words and this will make her weak in the knees.
2.Take her for a long walk and suddenly hold on to her hand gently. Look into her eyes and say I love you. You will notice that she might be at first lost for words but she will come around and will definitely respond.

3.If you are all set to meet the girl of your dreams, the first thing you do when you meet her is to stretch out your arms and hug her first. Women love warm hugs so it might be the trick to express love. While you hold her in your arms whisper in her ear, the three magical words, I love you.
4.Magical way to express love is while you are both are into an intimate conversation, blurt out the words I love you. This will make her think at first whether you were actually paying heed to her conversation, although do not forget to listen to what she says.
5.To express love, you can either do is directly or to have a little fun while you play an indirect game of love. Telling her indirectly how you feel can make the moment feel more special and romantic. Words like your my smile, your the apple of my eye, your one in a million can make her wonder whats going on in your thoughts and thus get the idea you have fallen for her.
These are five and out of the box romantic ways to pour your heart out!

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