Friday, November 23, 2012

Take Control Of Your Fear On The First Date!

Take Control Of Your Fear On The First Date! - worried man

I remember clearly how my first date went, words cannot describe the speed of my heart beat and the temperature of my blood running cold. For most women, first dates are just like this, the exact feeling! Women have this certain tendency that something might happen on the first date, the knowledge they perceive is that men would go into detail about their clothes and the way they carry themselves. But honestly, which man won't?
Women should know that men too go through this exact fear but the difference is that they do not show it , just like how a woman would express herself.
So, in order to get rid of first date fears, here are some simple tips for women who are venturing out today, on their first date.
1.Take a deep breath and get ready to experience the first date with confidence and an open mind. Look on the bright side of what the relationship will offer to you in the long run.
2.For women who are fearing their first date, the best tip is to take control of yourself and the situation too. Stay stable and think before you speak to avoid wrong communication with the man opposite you.

3.For women on their first date, to let go of your fear first wear on something you are comfortable in and then meet at a place you have been to before so that you know the surrounding and won't feel lost.
4.To wade away fear for women on their first date, you can also hold something in your hand to divert the fear and negativity. 'Maid in Manhattan', a very famous movie, shows actor, Ralph Fiennes holding a paper clip in his hand in order to divert his fear when giving his speech. Likewise, this might help you in diverting your fear as well. However, holding onto a handkerchief looks more lady like!
5.For many of my girlfriends, they feel that when they look into the eye of the man sitting before them , the fear inside just disappears. Some of us, like me, for instance, is not comfortable with it, although its very important to maintain eye contact with the person you talk to as it shows good body language. Trying this tip in keeping with eye contact might actually help you in dealing with fear for women on their first date.
So tonight, put on your best attire and don't let your fear tie you down. Be a strong, confident woman!

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