Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Should You Tell Him That You Cheated?

cheating - Should You Tell Him That You Cheated

Falling in and out of love is a common problem among couples now. You go out of your limits and make mistakes which you regret later on. Initially you get carried away and when you start realising your blunder, it is too late to regret! You feel like discussing with your partner and not keeping it to yourself. Often you are advised by your friends to never disclose the fact that you have cheated on your man. Why? Here are few reasons as to why you should not tell your partner if you have cheated on him.

Why you should not tell your partner that you have cheated him?

Present and future: 
By telling the mistakes, you not only spoil your relationship but the present life goes for a toss. Your man might hear all the stories and try to adjust but it is not easy for him too! Getting over cheating is a biggest challenge in relationship. It is very difficult to get it out of his head and this can spoil your present and future.

You might lose him: 
Just for the sake of telling him and making your heart feel better and safe, you can actually lose him forever. Like women, men also can't take their women being shared with someone else. This is one of the well known consequences which you have to face after telling your partner that you have cheated on him. 

After telling your man that you have cheated on him, the situation might take you under depression. The depressed mind is more dangerous than the hurt soul. You tend to take wrong decisions in such a state of mind.

Lose trust: 
He might forgive and forget the past which carried you away from him but his trust will be lost forever. Gaining back the love and trust of your partner can become really difficult. Therefore, never tell your partner that you have cheated on him.

These are the common reasons to answer this question. If you have realised your mistakes and want to get back on track, decide it within you. Now that you know your fault, it is easy to overcome. When you feel like sharing, talk to your closest friend who can be trusted and can become your support too !!

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