Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How Intense Should Love Be?

see you in my dreams  - How Intense Should Love Be

How intensely in love are you? Do you love someone enough to kill yourself or some else? Well if it is then it is certainly not normal. Suicidal love can be a good punch line for movies or romantic novels but we are not in the times of Romeo and Juliet anymore. So it is not always about passion in love; it is also about showing some sense. History is filled with instances of suicidal love. In fact love is the most famous cause of suicides. Hurting yourself or others in love is not the smartest thing to know but we all have that dark side to ourselves.
Here are some tips to identify a situation where your you are falling too intensely in love so that you can check yourself.
Reality Check For Intense Lovers:
  • You feel helpless if he/she doesn't answer your phone calls. Have you ever given your lover more than 10 missed calls at a time? If the answer is yes then you are in an deep trouble. When he or she is not answering the the call it is obvious they are either busy or asleep or otherwise occupied.
  • You feel insulted by him/her but cannot walk out. He/she insults you publicly or treats you like a side kick but you still follow them around like a devoted lap dog. When you are willing to lose your dignity for someone then your love has the potential of becoming a case of suicidal love. One fine day you will feel you've done enough that day all you feel will be burning humiliation.
  • Your partner wants to shake you off but you stick on. You partner makes it obvious in every way that he/she doesn't want you around. They refuse to go out alone, drop conspicuous hints, start seeing other people but you just refuse to see the obvious. Your love is not normal, it is blind. Do not try to be with someone who doesn't want you.
  • You feel even death is better that being without love. Your the passion in your love is dangerous to you and others. When you feel like dying to prove a point in love then there is either something wrong with you or with your partner. Either you need to see a psychiatrist or you a re dating a psycho.
  • You hurt yourself to get his/her attention. It is neither healthy nor normal to have such a vindictive nature. This does not indicate any problems with your lover but you definitely need medical help.
  • You are scared that he/she will leave you anytime. You are suffering from acute insecurity and it is a result of being emotionally too dependent on someone. Rely on yourself rather than others so that you do not have to be scared of being shattered every minute.

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