Wednesday, November 14, 2012

7 Advantages Of Writing A Love Letter !!!

7 Advantages Of Writing A Love Letter

Have you ever tried to write a love letter? No? Then you should because it might have more than one advantages for you. The trend of writing letters has gone out of fashion after emails came into the picture. But when it comes to approaching a girl, a love letter can still do what an email cannot. Love letters were the soul framework of every love story until 10 years back. Even before the telephone came in lovers used this way to show love and communicate; it surely must have some merits to have survived so many centuries!

Here are some advantages for which you should write love letters instead of choosing other ways to approach a girl.

7 Advantages Of Writing Love Letters: 

1. Anonymous: 
The best part about letters is that they can be totally anonymous. No body is going to employ a handwriting expert to find out who wrote the letter. So basically if you are not sure how the girl will react you can approach her this way and test waters. Drop a hint so that she can guess but there will never be any proof if she goes over the edge.

2. Saves You Embarrassment:
Even if you sign you name on the love letter, she will probably not hunt you down. It is better than getting publicly embarrassed while trying to approach a girl. She cannot shout at you or slap you, so you will also be saving yourself some bruises too.

3. More Romantic: 
Letters have always been the most romantic way of showing love. You don't have to write a love letter in blood like people used to earlier to convince their beloved. The very fact that you have taken this effort in the age of emails and text messages will be reason enough to convince her.

4. More Personal: 
A letter is much more intimate and personal as compared to meeting in a crowded place or even talking over the phone where you can be overheard. The letter is that sacred connection between you and your beloved that no one can intercept.

5. Privacy Maintained:
When things are hush hush and no giggly girl friends are involved your chances of success are high. When you write letters to each other no one needs to know that you have asked her out or asked her to marry you. The news remain between two of you in ideal circumstances (that is if she doesn't make a scene).

6. Can Be Stored: 
Unlike emails that come cheaper by the dozens, love letters have some shelf value. You can store them and re read them years later. The email is lost somewhere in the junk in your inbox.

7. Play Mischief With Them:
It is unethical but you can play practical jokes on your friends by writing fake love letters!

Use these relationship tips to understand why you should write love letters.

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