Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How To Show Attitude To A Guy?

How To Show Attitude To A Guy  - attract

Men often keep thinking, Why women show so much attitude? Women show attitude to throw a striking impression on the guy. This is mainly because women feel men love to see women who are filled with attitude. Attitude of a woman makes a man go crazy and run behind her till he gets her. But remember, showing attitude at the wrong place and time can appear arrogant so be careful and confident while showing off your attitude to a guy. Here are few tips to show attitude to a guy and impress him easily.

Tips to show right attitude to a guy:

Love yourself: 
This is one effective way to boost up self confidence and build attitude. By loving yourself, you build up the thought that you don't need anyone! So, always love yourself. Attitude is best complimented when you show that you are happy alone and can live without the support.

Be reserved:
Few men go crazy when they see femininity of a woman, her shy nature and reserved attitude makes him think more. Think twice before speaking and always think what you say should not make him think wrong about you. In short, think before you speak. Speak when required and gather attention with your words!

Not that typical woman:
Men never like to see that typical attitude of a woman which involves gossiping, back bitching and competition with other girls. Have the chilled out attitude and when you love yourself, none other girl will stand close to your competition.

Don't fall: 
To keep the attitude in front of a guy, never fall or bend down in front of him. Even if you like the guy and want him to run behind you, never show him that you are interested. Show that it is not a big deal for you and doesn't matter.

Be flirty:
This is important so as to keep him interested in you and signal him indirectly that you like him. Keep eye contact and make him think about you by being little flirtatious.

Follow these tips to show attitude to a guy, impress him and make him fall for you.

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