Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Is It Infatuation Or Love?

Is It Infatuation Or Love?

You like a guy/girl and start thinking that it is love but after few days or months, you realise that it was infatuation and the attraction towards your partner was not based on love but a temporary likeness! Due to confusion and too much liking for the new love/crush, you feel carried away and the common saying that love is in the air takes you on a ride to the dream world. Well, here are few ways to know, Is it infatuation or love????

Ways to know that you are infatuated and not in love:

Suddenly the craze to be with the partner is lost and you feel like avoiding him/her. The talks become boring and you wish to hang around with your friends rather than your partner. If you feel boredom in the relationship, then it is not love but a crush on him/her.

Suddenly you start getting frustrated with the attitude of your partner. No more the possessiveness and caring nature bothers you and irritates you. When the frustration takes over love and affection, it shows that you are infatuated to him/her and not in love.

Want distance: 
When you are confused if it is love or infatuation, you should think if you wish to be with your partner or stay alone. If it is infatuation towards him/her, you want to stay away from the partner and spend some time on yourself.

Negative qualities top the list: 
This is how you come to know that it is an infatuation and not love. All the negative traits or qualities which you kept avoiding in the beginning of a relationship capture the mind and you start feeling yuk!

These are the common ways to know that you are infatuated and not in love with him/her.

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