Sunday, November 18, 2012

Secrets Men Try To Hide From Women !!!

Secrets Men Try To Hide From Women - keeping a secret

Even men have secrets which they don't want to or like to share with women. Unexpected outcome after sharing the secret can be the reason behind men keeping secrets. Men probably know the benefit of keeping secrets! A woman thinks her man is lying when she asks him about her dressing, makeup or hairstyle but the truth is, a man feels he is not lying but trying to stop the thing from becoming complicated. Lets take a look at the common secrets men hide from women:

Men can't help but stare at a woman pass by:
This is one of the most common secret men hide. Even when a man is with his woman, if an attractive woman passes by, he can't take his eyes off her. When asked “Were you staring at her? “I'm better looking than her. Ain't I?, men lie! It should not be considered as a lie as comparison starts with the woman but if she loses, it ends up with a fight!

Men always have orgasm in mind: 
Though men will always think about lovemaking, they will never express it all the time. It makes them appear lusty and desperate. Male ego can be the reason behind men who hide this secret.

Men love wild women: 
Whatever simplicity a man likes in a woman while choosing her, he will always want to see her wild in bed. Because of the interest and comfort level of a woman, men try to hide this secret with them.

Men hate all time romance: 
Yes, it is a common problem among men. Women on one side love romance and feel it is an integral part of a healthy love relationship but for men it is not the same which leads to a problem in a relationship. Men have fetish for lovemaking and not romance. Cuddling all time irritates a man especially when he is in a bad mood but it makes the woman feel great, like heaven! Men can't say the really concept of romance so men hide this secret from women.

Money is the first criteria for men: 
Almost all men keep this secret from their women. Men hide this secret as they don't want to mention that their women comes in the second position. No woman would like to be considered as a second priority as she considers her man as the first priority in her life! The case is not the same with men. For men, money makes them feel more important. This doesn't completely mean that he doesn't love his woman. Men love to earn so as to keep their wives happy and to fill her wishes!

These are the common secrets men keep from women.

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