Sunday, November 18, 2012

How To Know If A Girl is Interested In You?

How To Know If A Girl is Interested In You?

You like a girl but don't know whether she likes you or not? It is sometimes difficult to read the mind of a woman as to what she wants, what she likes or she is interested in you or not. To save you ego and dignity from breaking down due to rejection, know if a girl is interested in you. Here are few signs to know whats on the mind of the girl you like and if is she interested in you.

She comes near you time and again:
If the girl tries to cross by the place where you are sitting or standing with your friends, then it can be sign of her interest in you.

She tries to get your attention: 
By talking to you, sharing the emotions suddenly are signs of her interest in you. She might also dress up different, do makeup or do something which you like to attract your attention.

She is much into you: 
If you are already friends, suddenly you see her coming and talking to you more than before. Eve her sharing her interest in type of men, complimenting you frequently are all signs of her interest in you,. This tip is applicable to know if she is interested in you or not.

Body language:
If you like her a girl but never spoke to her, observe her moves. See if she is giving positive body language to signal you to take an initiative.

She gives time to you:
If the girl you like is always ready to give time to you even during the hectic or hours, then it shows that she is interested in you.

Eye contact: 
Suddenly you see a change in the way she looks at you. If you know her then it is clearly visible. Check out her gestures, expressions towards you.

If she is jealous when you are talking or staring at some woman, then it is a clear signal of her interest. Even when you talk over the phone with someone, she will be curious to know the caller. These all attitude shows her interest.

If all these signs are matching with the girl you like then you can take the move to approach the girl you like.

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