Sunday, November 18, 2012

Do You Have An Over Possessive Partner?

Do You Have An Over Possessive Partner?

If you are having an over possessive partner then it might have been difficult for you at times to deal with such behavior. In the beginning of a relationship, over possessive nature of your partner makes you feel desired and loved but too much of possessiveness at a later stage of relationship can harm the love and freedom. Handling an over possessive partner can be stressful and the freedom or independence to live your life according to your wishes goes for a toss. Lack of self esteem or love, insecurity, fear, jealousy or a past experience can make your partner over possessive. Lets have a look at the ways to deal with an over possessive partner.

Know the reason behind: 
Try to get deep into the reason which makes your partner an over possessive person towards you. See if you are at fault or is it your partner's misconception or thought which is leading to this possessive behavior.

See if this reaction is new or old:
It is very important to know the exact time when your partner started to become over possessive. If it is since the beginning of the relationship then the attitude is considered as learned reaction towards issues and if this nature is recently built then their must be some insecurity or jealousy or a complexity which is leading to such reactions. Locate the time when such nature started.

This is an effective way to deal with an over possessive partner. Explain and clear out the issue before it builds up a strong root in your partner's head. Fighting will only add to the suspicion or manipulations. So to have a better and healthy relationship, communicate and deal with the issue before its too late to rectify.

Space: Some people feel, giving space helps deal with an over possessive nature of the partner. It is very important to give time to the relationship if such an attitude persists. Don't always be confined with each other. Spend time with friends and closed ones. This helps control such thought process.

Make your partner feel important:
It is best to make your partner feel that he/she is important to you and is a treasure in your life. Assuring is an effective way to deal with an over possessive partner as one of the reasons behind such an attitude is insecurity. Therefore, kill this negative thought or doubt before it builds up strong.

Use these ways to deal with an over possessive partner and help improve the relationship.

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