Sunday, November 18, 2012

Women Hide Secrets From Men?

Women Hide Secrets From Men? - busy couple - woman talking on the phone

As men hide secrets from women, women also have some secrets which they will never share with men! A woman may give you her body and her heart but as human nature, there are few things which women won't tell to a man. So, here are few common secrets which women keep from men.
Secrets women keep from men:

Women don't forget their ex: 
Most of the women find it difficult to get over past. A woman can move on in life but she will never forget to compare her present man with her ex sometimes. In few things the comparison can be worst when her ex wins over the present! Women hide or keep this secret as she knows the consequences after sharing it. This is why women love to share their secrets with their female buddies.

Money is a strong reason behind love:
All women want security from their better halves and it is not blindly love for most of the women. Women won't or share the secret that her man with strong bank balance makes her fall more for him as he will pay for the shopping, lunch or dinner, etc. I love cricket: Very few women love to watch cricket. If a woman says that she likes to watch cricket, the main reason can be your interest which makes her feel the same. In short, women try to become passionate about the likes of her man mainly to get her things done! Women keep this secret from men.

I'm not your maid: 
Women won't tell or share this secret with men. Working and looking after household chores is her responsibility but too much of everything can become frustrating. For a healthy relationship, sharing household chores can help divide the work load. Most of the men will not help but add more work which irritates the women and makes them go crazy!

Women dress to impress: 
It is believed that women dress to impress their men. One of the main reasons behind dressing perfect is to match with the level of the man beside her. A woman would like to get attention and to avoid jealousy or gossips on the personality comparison makes her dress perfect so as to be impressive. Most of the women have a habit to gossip due to jealousy. For eg., the woman looks nothing in front of her partner is a common comment which makes the woman dress and look perfect and ideal for the man. A secret women keep from men!

Women somewhere hate dirty men:
After marriage the comfort level definitely increases but seeing her man dirty can spoil his image even after few years of knowing each other. Women will hide the secret that the impression of a man never stops after the first meeting. It goes on and on....

These are the few secrets which women hide from men and don't like to share it.

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